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Mountain Mist Blue Ribbon 100% Cotton Quilt Batting

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Mountain Mist Blue Ribbon All-Cotton Batting. Back popular demand – Mountain Mist® Blue Ribbon is out of retirement! This 100% cotton batting truly gives your finished quilt the look and feel that it was crafted in the 1800’s. While antique and old-fashioned in appearance, it provides the benefits of modern-day enhanced durability. If you want to make an heirloom quilt that looks like it came from Grandma’s house, Blue Ribbon is your go-to batting. It is excellent for both hand and machine quilting, though not recommended for tied quilts. Quilt up to 2” intervals. Lightweight at ¹⁄₈”–¼” thick. Available in Queen (90” x 108”) in a pack of six and coming soon in Twin (72” x 90”). Machine washable and tumble dry on low heat . Mountain Mist Blue Ribbon Cotton batting has many of the properties of the bleached cotton batting but has increased durability and may be quilted at intervals up to 2 inches apart. This cotton batting has been manufactured with an innovative process that allows a lighter weight cotton batt which is nicer to use and gives an antique appearance to the finished quilt.