Wool Quilt Batting

Wool Quilt Batting

Shop our selection of wool quilt batting, which is available in a variety of sizes and prices ranges.

Not sure what you need? Wool fibers are a good choice for your quilt if you’re looking for the warmest filler. It’s extremely soft and suitable for hand quilting as well as machine stitching. A few useful facts:

  • Some battings are bonded, which usually come in a high loft. Others are needle-punched, which means a low loft. Beyond that, your loft choices vary quite a bit.
  • In most cases, wool quilt batting is washable. It can also prevent shrinking, shifting, creasing, and bunching.
  • Quilting distance also varies with loft, but a low loft will probably require stitching every three inches.
  • You can get good definition with your patterns with wool quilt batting.

When you want warmth and long-term durability, choose from the Quilt Batting Store’s inventory of wool fillers. Order today!

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    Nature-Fil™ Wool quilt batting. 100% sheep's wool has a medium loft  (90"x 20 YDS)

    Nature-Fil™ 100% Sheep's Wool Batting

    Fairfield (Poly-Fil)

    MSRP: $235.95 - $489.95
    $184.95 - $401.95
    Fairfield’'s Natural Wool quilt batting is a light, ultra-clean 100% sheep’s wool batting that has an airy medium loft. This batting is bonded with a water-based resin creating a soft, luxurious batting that’s easy to needle and drapes...
    MSRP: $235.95 - $489.95
    $184.95 - $401.95
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    MSRP: $235.95 - $489.95
    $184.95 - $401.95
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