Bonded Quilt Batting

Bonded quilt batting is one of the two main methods used by quilt batting companies to make quilt batting. The two types of bonding processes are resin bonded or simply glue bonded, and thermal bonding. As you can guess with resin bonding the fibers are lightly sprayed with a resin and this bonds the fiber together. With thermal bonding, the factory uses a very small polyester fiber which will melt easy under heat. They mix the small fibers with larger fibers, when the small fiber start melting they stick or bond to the larger fibers. Bonding creates a lofty batting product up to over an inch in loft. The other method for making quilt batting is needled or needlepunched. This method uses thousands of barbed needles that go back and forth through the fibers this weaves the fiber together. "Bonded batting does not beard"