Mountain Mist Quilt-Light Polyester Quilt Batting

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Quilt-Light 100% Polyester Batting. Batting should be soft, ready-to-use, work well with a variety of projects, and drape beautifully. Quilt-Light 100% polyester batting offers this, and more! Its light loft gives an old-fashioned appearance usually only seen in cotton batting, and makes it easy to quilt fine, even stitches into your heirloom. Quilt-Light is perfect for crafting, apparel, and needlework, as well as hand, machine, and tied quilts. Quilt-Light batting is available in all standard bedding sizes, from crib to king. Quilt up to 5” intervals. Loft thickness 1/8 – 1/4”. Machine washable and tumble dried on low heat.