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Quilters Dream Batting Dream Cotton Natural Quilt Batting Request (thinnest)

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Quilters Dream Batting Dream Cotton Natural Quilt Features: * So strong that you can quilt as closely as you would like or as far as 8″ apart – giving you great freedom of quilting design. * Our special manufacturing process prevents shifting and lumping. * Dream Cotton has a very high thermal value (R=3.8) and is warm in the winter, yet wicks moisture away from the body to keep you cool in the summer. * With 100% natural environmentally friendly cotton, Dream Cotton Batting proudly bears Cotton I incorporated’s black seal. * Because there are no scrims, glues, resins or binders, not only does Dream Cotton retain a beautiful drape, but your hand and machine needles will glide smoothly through this fine, consistent cotton batting. * Your finished quilt may be machine washed and dried. * Prewashing is not recommended as Dream Cottons is exceptionally free of cotton seed remnants and shrinkage is minimal.